RENEW: Global Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Education NEtWork

What is RENEW?
A new course will be offered Spring 2013 by the National Center for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM) in collaboration with Rutgers’ NIH Training Grant Translational Research in Regenerative Medicine” and will run for 30 weeks (15 weeks per semester). This global initiative, will link stem cell and regenerative medicine centers, investigators, and students around the world to provide first-class educational and research opportunities. Consortium members will work together (1) to develop strong educational and research programs, (2) to facilitate the introduction of students and other colleagues to the field, and (3) to provide an enabling platform for collaborative development in the areas of stem cell and regenerative medicine. RENEW will be internet-based, which will enable presentations from participating institutions around the world. The topics will include fundamental stem cell biology, stem cell isolation, “dry lab technology,” specific preclinical applications, as well as such common issues in the field as signal transduction, cell proliferation, differentiation, assays in phenotypes, preclinical animal models, clinical trial design and regulatory issues.

What is the timing for RENEW?
Each lecture will be 30-60 minutes with a 20-40 minute Q&A and will be offered on a weekly basis with password access for each student or affiliate institution worldwide. The lecture time will be set depending on when is most convenient for our students. Archived presentations with Q&A will be available online for later viewing.

What IT platform is RENEW using?
To facilitate this exciting program, Case Western Reserve University, a founding partner of NCRM, has invested in the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro software platform. This e-learning technology not only provides user-friendly, secure access to members across the globe, but also offers a fresh, interactive solution to online learning that will deliver a unique, engaging, and effective educational experience. Students will need a computer, standard web browser, webcam, and a steady internet connection to participate.

Who should enroll?
Industrial researchers, academic investigators and graduate and post-doctoral students should enroll.

Who can I contact to participate or partner with RENEW?
To become involved in RENEW, either as a institutional partner or as a participant, please contact Michael Gilkey at or 216.368.2079. This course can be positioned as part of a training program in addition to anticipating potential research collaborations.