Exploradio: Cleveland's growing stem cell scene

The next breakthrough in medicine could come from a small group of entrepreneurs in Northeast Ohio. Stem cell research has a long-history in Cleveland, but the region is having a hard time building a biotech industry around it.

In this week's Exploradio, WKSU's Jeff St.Clair looks at the science and business of stem cell therapy.
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Case Western Reserve University Hosts Cancer Stem Cell Conference

All this week, researchers from across the world are gathering in Cleveland to attend Case Western Reserve University's cancer stem cell conference. For Ohio Public Radio, WCPN's Anne Glausser brings us an update on this field of science and how it is informing new cancer therapies.

"[Cancer stem cells] are the drivers," Gerson says. "They're the fundamental reason that we can't cure cancer today and why new treatments that are designed to first get rid of the bulk of the tumor and then immediately come back and go after the cancer stem cell are so important."
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NCRM Instrument Featured in Nature Biotechnology Article

A photograph of the "X-Evo Instrument" at the NCRM's OH-Alive Platform for robotic media preparation and automated cell culture. was featured the August 2014 issue of Nature Biotechnology article. The article discusses what governmental agencies can do to lower the risk of cell therapies and the enterprises commercializing them.
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Stem Cells Hold Keys to Body's Plan

Case Western Reserve researchers have discovered landmarks within pluripotent stem cells that guide how they develop to serve different purposes within the body. This breakthrough offers promise that scientists eventually will be able to direct stem cells in ways that prevent disease or repair damage from injury or illness. The study and its results appear in the June 5 edition of the journal Cell Stem Cell.
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NCRM Receives Ohio Third Frontier Grant for Therapeutic Cell Center

The Ohio Third Frontier Commission unanimously awarded Case Western Reserve University National Center for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM), $2.4 million for its OH-Alive Innovator Platform: A Process and Manufacturing Platform for Cell Therapy. These funds must be matched by NCRM and its collaborators so this represents a total investment of $4.8 million. The OH-Alive platform will help advance Ohio as one of the leading regions for stem cell therapy in the country by establishing a facility that will provide expertise in determining optimized conditions for producing stem cells for therapeutic purposes. Read more

Researcher Spotlight

Meet Stanton L. Gerson MD. Not only is he the Director of the NCRM, he is also one of our PIs. Click on the image above to learn more about Dr. Gerson and our other members!

OH-Alive is a one-stop Stem Cell Innovator Platform

This platform will enable for-profit entities, clinicians and academic researchers to better understand their cell culture protocols so that when they advance their cutting edge therapies from the bench to the bedside they can report to the FDA their manufacturing tolerances and sound scientific rationale for the methods they use in preparing their cell products.

2013-2014 Annual Report

Our report is more than just a compilation of exciting research updates, it also tells the story of collaboration and commitment that is the heart of our Center.